Commissioned by the London Design Festival at the Victoria & Albert Museum
Designed in collaboration with Felix de Pass and Michael Montgomery

Due to the light sensitivity of the medieval textiles on display, the V&A Tapestries Gallery is one of the darkest spaces in the museum. The installation consisted of a large slowly-turning ‘rotary machine’, hovering in the centre of the gallery. As the face of the machine revolved it passed through a light source that charged its surface, which in turn emitted this energy as after glow. The continual revolution of the machine created a perpetual ebb and flow of light-patterns travelling across the structure. The rich layering effect and form of mark making played with the memory of the ceramic-based phosphorescent material, Super-LumiNova. The title of the installation, Candela, comes from the standard unit of luminous intensity: a common candle emits light with a luminous intensity of roughly one candela.

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Image 1 by Ed Reeve
Film by James Aiken