Ian McIntyre

With a background in product design and applied art, Ian employs a mix of design and craft skills to his work – producing studio editions and developing shapes, materials and techniques for industry.


Mediums 1

for Wrong for Hay


A family of tableware ceramics that focuses on simple form and materials for utility and everyday use.

Materials Porcelain, Bone China, Stoneware

A deep understanding of ceramic materials and the ability to make working prototypes in his studio, enables Ian to communicate qualities both to the client and manufacturer that could otherwise get lost in the gap between design and production.

Pipe Bench

for KK Outlet


In collaboration with Felix de Pass

Pipe Bench was our answer to the brief from KK Outlet ‘to take an everyday object, remould, rebuild and repurpose it to create an entirely new item using as little additional materials as possible’.

Series one pottery

for Another Country


A particular feature of this collection is the terracotta clay, which is fired to an unconventionally high temperature giving it the scorched colour and the strength of Stoneware.

Materials Stoneware, Terracotta

‘Dabelli’ collection

for The House of Mangaldas


A collaboration with the Prajapati family in Ahmedabad, India. Developing a collection of ceramics for the restaurants at the House of Mangaldas, using production techniques that the family have been refining for over five generations.

Modelmaking with Sailesha Bhai Prajapati family kiln

Uriho workshops

with The Helen Hamlyn Centre


Invited by the Helen Hamlyn Centre to work as a project leader at the Uriho workshops in Zagreb, Croatia. The workshops aimed to improve the real market position of the organisation. The goal was to work towards transforming Uriho’s existing business model of sheltered workshops, into one that is design-led, participatory and egalitarian.

Organised by the British Council Croatia, School of Design and Faculty of Architecture, University of Zagreb and the Helen Hamlyn Centre for Inclusive Design.

Extra ordinary design_Croatia

Slush Cast Bowl

Studio editions


The intention behind this project was to elevate the perceived value of Pewter by designing around the materials unique characteristics. Molten Pewter is swirled inside a mould. The low melting point of the material means it quickly cools to form a skin, which retains the molten textures of its once liquid state.

An edition of the bowl was commissioned as a gift to each world leader at the G20 summit, London 2009.

process for Slush Cast Bowl

Broken Vase

Studio editions


This series developed by exploring opposing material qualities in plaster. The rim of each mould is broken and the detail produced is reflected in the Fine Bone China cast.

process for Broken vase




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